Briccole di Venezia wooden floors

The Venetian briccole are oak poles immersed in the water of the lagoon which are used as navigation signs for ships and are easily recognizable as a characteristic image of the city of Venice.

The intrinsic beauty of these trunks of briccola wood attracts the eye and the attention of tourists visiting the Venetian lagoon; during the long period in which the poles are immersed in water, the wood of the briccole is carved by the action of the water of the sea, becoming an attractive and peculiar characteristic, which links this wood to its place of origin, making it a true ambassador of the splendor and history of the city of Venice and, at the same time, of the whole Venetian lagoon.

Lignum Venetia creates unique and original parquet floors with this peculiar material: they convey the history of this wood that has been immersed in the sea water of the lagoon for decades. Now it returns to a  new life in a 3-layer wooden floor, a distinctive ornament of each home for passionate customers.

The wide range of shades and the twisted traces left by the marine woodworms (teredini) are the natural characteristic signs of briccola wood floors: a unique and inimitable charm that cannot be found elsewhere.