Smoked oak wooden floors

Lignum Venetia offers the possibility of obtaining a smoked oak parquet, a very special color floor that is characterized by the different shades: unique and never banal.
This wood is obtained through a modern assisted vacuum technique; the wood is treated inside a special hermetic room where, thanks to the action of ammonia vapor and ammonium salts, it takes the color in depth and thus obtaining different and multiple shades, ranging from brown to black.

The different shades of color of smoked oak are depending on the concentration of a substance called tannin, present inside the oak wood, on the concentration of the salts used, and on the duration of the smoking process.
From this it is evident that the color shade obtained at the end of the process will never be homogeneous, but will further enhance the various natural aspects of the wood in its different color intensities.

The treated wood does not contain harmful substances and is more elastic, much more resistant to wear out and more stable to exposure to light. Smoking is a process that follows the laws of nature, in fact it does nothing but accelerate the natural oxidation process that occurs spontaneously in wood exposed to air and light.
Smoked oak always requires an adequate aeration period and this process can be accelerated using the temperature factor.